The „Weltcup-Poldl-Hütte“ is a must-see
for every skier in St. Oswald. It is a
very comfortable ski hut with an
outstanding culinary reputation.
Who doesn’t know „Christl“ from
the „Poldl Hütte“?
She prepares the original
“Carinthian Frigga“ – a very special delicacy.
Many friends from the sport
and music scene visit Poldl.
Why? Because the atmosphere is comfy
and funny and the food is delicious.


On „sunny days“ the guests refresh
themselves on our splendid sun terrace
which offers “wonderful views”.
When Harry Prünster heard of the
„Poldl Hütte“ he decided to shoot an episode
there for his famous TV-show
“Harrys liabste Hütt’n”.